North Texas is home to many blockchain consulting companies. You'll find a list of companies below that operate in this space. If you see a company missing, please email and we'll get them on here. Thanks!

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Smart Kx

Focusing primarily on blockchain applications for the financial services industry, Smart Kx delivers robust and measured solutions.


Crypto-Currency Consulting

Since the early crypto days of 2014, we've been providing professional expertise to improve the understanding of digital currency and blockchain technology. Since then, we've expanded our services to include mining, research, blockchain development and educational programs. We pride ourselves on having a 4 year track record in an industry that's only 8 years old with a long list of satisfied clients.


Roger Wilco

We’re gold rush prospectors. We’re entrepreneurs. We’re old school punks. We’re amateur radio pioneers and copy shop graphic designers. We’re not just early adopters; we’re early innovators. We are the essence of DIY and the startup culture. We’re the crew that has always been sick of the limitations of what we have, so we build what we need…and we do it first.

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Block Nerds

After almost two decades working with startups and well known brands building custom software for entertainment, sports, hospitality and several other verticals our founders realized the disruptive power Blockchain has to transform so many industries. 

ur focus is to provide talented developers and resources to enable brands to utilize blockchain technology.