North Texas is home to many mining companies and hardware producers. You'll find a list of companies below that operate in this space. If you see a company missing, please email and we'll get them on here. Thanks!



The D-Node Companies and its affiliates are focused on the development of Blockchain (or DLT) technologies and their application to financial institutions, novel governance structures, and disintermediation of of economically-inefficient business models. 

An affiliate, D-Node Hosting, is the largest provider of data center hosting services in the southern region of the US that specializes in the unique requirements of hosting proof-of-work cryptocurrency mining computing equipment. 

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TMGcore is a Texas limited liability company initially focused on cryptocurrency prospecting, development and management. TMGcore is in the process of developing a suite of hardware, software and other revenue generating capital assets, which TMGcore believes can be coupled with the its strict operational standards, to provide a market advantage relative to traditional cryptocurrency mining technology. TMGcore conducts its cryptocurrency mining operations in a facility in Dallas, Texas that was designed specifically for commercial scale cryptocurrency mining.