With any new industry, many startups crop up around the exciting opportunities that are presented. North Texas has more than it's fair share of startups. If you see one missing, don't hesitate to email us,

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VeriToken is a company focused on returning power to the individual when it comes to control of their personal data. An intrinsically GDPR-compliant solution, VeriToken enables users to retain control and ownership of their data.


Oaken Innovations

Oaken is a blockchain technology company focused on secure IoT applications. Our ACORNs are created to grow the foundation for smart cities and applications of the future-STARTING RIGHT NOW


FourPark Blockchain

FourPark Blockchain, LLC creates new liquidity in valuable assets. Fundamentally, the combination of FourPark’s unique capabilities, 8-step process and groundbreaking Blockchain technology allows for transparent and safe transactions between strangers through an immutable ledger. Put simply, we are providing affordable global access to buyers and sellers of high-value assets in a secure and trusting environment. 



TrueBit gives Ethereum smart contracts a computational boost. Don't let Ethereum's gas limit drag your imagination! A novel incentive structure guarantees fast, reliable, and affordable results without third-party trust.


Theft Proof Data

Quantum-hardened Cloud Storage

  • Theft-proof

  • Quantum-proof

  • Level-2 scaling

  • Open source

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LRN Token

Since 2011, Richard Margolin has been innovating educational programming and technology, and he is proud to introduce his newest project: LRN. Building on the strength of his previous work to modernize student learning, LRN provides a marketplace for educational content creators to share and monetize their work, and fully control the distribution of their intellectual property.


Colt Payments

Colt Payments provides e-commerce and retail businesses the ability to accept cryptocurrency as payment for goods & services. The benefits of cryptocurrency for merchants include No Chargebacks, Same Day Settlement, Efficient Accounting/Tracking and many others!

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We are building a cutting edge cognitive health ecosystem of tools & services for Citizens, Patients, Patient families, Providers, Payers, & Vendors on the Blockchain.

Our collective sum agrees that our health care system, near and far, to a greater extent is broken. We are at the tipping point, and we have the potential to transform our world.



TimiHealth is the first platform whose blockchain technology allows for medical record transfers at lightning speed, with maximum security and availability.


Learning Machine

Learning Machine Technologies, architect of the Blockcerts open standard with the MIT Media Lab, is the world leader in blockchain-based digital identity and credentials. As the only blockchain-based records provider in the world with an in-market product for multi-chain issuing and self-sovereign digital identity, our offering is revolutionizing the way business in all sectors issue and verify claims and the way individuals understand and use their digital identities.



NOVAM monitors and automatically mitigates threats to IoT devices and provides auditing & compliance investigation for enterprise. Novam is the first Artificial Intelligence driven cybersecurity program of its kind. Using machine learning and probabilistic mathematics, Novam is the security system that doesn’t eat or sleep and is device agnostic. Novam is your watchful eye, both forward and back. A security blanket that not only finds anomalies but fixes them; each time learning from itself to better fit your needs.