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HackUTD will be on February 24-25 this year! 

This is the event you have been been waiting for! This is YOUR opportunity to showcase your skills and learn new ones as well. Collaborate with peers and create solutions! There will be a ton of FREE food and swag. You will have mentors who will be available to help develop and execute your ideas! This is open to everyone 18 years and older and is completely FREE! Check out our website for more information.

Register TODAY at!

9:00 am-Registration
11:00 am-Opening Ceremony
12:00 pm-Hacking Begins
1:00 pm-Lunch
6:00 pm-Dinner
12:00 am-Midnight Event
8:00 am-Breakfast
9:00 am-Submission Opens
12:00 pm-Hacking Ends
12:30 pm-Submission Closes
1:00 pm-Judging
3:00 pm-Closing Ceremony

We can not wait to meet everyone!