President - Cody Marx Bailey

Cody is the Managing Partner of XRAM Capital, a long-only fundamental crypto asset investment company. Cody is  an advisor and developer for FourPark Blockchain, a company that unleashes liquidity from high value assets through fiduciary care and the ERC-721 that he co-authored. He is also the founder and project lead for Multinode, a hardware product company that supplies solutions for the distributed internet.

Prior to his involvement in blockchain and crypto assets, he worked as systems engineer, security analyst, and software developer. He had short stints with the NSA, Dell Computer, and Texas A&M University before he began working on his own projects. He was the co-creator of the hashtags usage and ecosystem on Twitter.

More recently, Cody founded the North Texas Blockchain Alliance, one of the largest blockchain organizations in the world, with over 1,000 members and ten industries represented. He is also a co-author of the ERC-721 Ethereum standard for real world assets.

Vice President - Lacey Shrum
Vice President - Nicki Holcombe
Treasurer - Jared Bass