The North Texas Blockchain Alliance Roadmap



NTBA at Dallas Startup Week

The North Texas Blockchain Alliance is leading a series of panels covering the basics of Blockchain Technology, this will be the first time some people get to hear from the local innovators building with this world changing technology. Startup Week is a free, five-day celebration of the Dallas Startup community that builds momentum and opportunity around entrepreneurship, attended by over 7000 people from all over the metroplex.

ICO Forward Dallas Summit

ICO Forward is the gathering place for blockchain visionaries and influencers to discuss regulation, the decentralization movement, and the future of finance.



NTBA Blockchain Art Week

Nowhere is the need for disruption stronger than the Fine Arts World and in the direct opposite situation is the independent and local artist community. Both groups are primed to adopt Blockchain Technology and use it to enable ways of creating that have only be a dream before.

Texas Blockchain Showcase

In a continuation of the North Texas Blockchain Alliance Community Showcase, the Texas Blockchain Showcase will be a review of the companies and projects developed over the last year and will highlight how Texas is leading the world in Blockchain Development.


NTBA Blockchain Conference

It is the goal of the NTBA to host a globally acclaimed conference highlighting everything that Texas has done in development of blockchain over the last year. The Conference would have three different programing tracks, Technology Development, Business Implementation and Community Highlights.


This track will cover the companies and projects that have be operating or where launched in the past 12 months. The principles will engage with attendees through moderated panel discussions, stage interviews, and solo presentations. There will as be keynote talks from industry leaders as the opportunity presents itself.


This track will cover companies and organizations that have adopted blockchain technology and incorporated this technology into their existing operations or have developed entirely new processes using blockchain technology.


This track will consist of community members speaking about the ways that blockchain technology has impacted their lives and careers. These sessions will be interspersed in between the entire conference and will help demonstrate to attendees the personal possibilities that blockchain technology can bring.