The NTBA Blockchain Education Series


Introduction to Blockchain

Introduction to Blockchain This course will be split between how the blockchain works in a technical sense and what the result of the technology promises. If blockchain is a new concept to you, this will open your eyes to how the system operates and runs.

Blockchain Security

Security & Private Keys Security is the most important facet when operating on the blockchain. It's vital to understand and implement sound policies when entering the industry. We'll cover private keys, cold storage, paper wallets and all around good security practices.



The Global Blockchain Ecosystem

This course will cover several projects across the major blockchain platforms. These projects/distributed apps will showcase exactly what can and will be pulled off with this new technology stack. This session will focus on projects with global impact.

The Texas Blockchain Ecosystem

This course will cover companies and projects in development across the major Texas regions. These projects/distributed apps will showcase the talent base that is locally avalible and who developments in Texas are effecting the world.


Smart Contracts: Solidity and Dapps

Solidity & Dapps This course will be focused on the Ethereum Smart Contract language Solidity. We'll do a little bit of code review, discuss the developer tools and look into the features of the language. This will be a highly technical presentation.

Exchanges and Trading

Exchanges & Trading This course will be focused on the digital asset exchanges and look into the market side of how these coins and tokens are valued/traded. If you've got a background in finance/stocks, you'll feel right at home.


Blockchain Legal Tech

With the development of smart contracts there are many places for disruption and innovation regarding legal technology. This session will outline the companies at the forefront of this development and the ways the technology is being implimented. 

ICOs and Fundraising

This course is designed to cover some of the new finance tools that are being used in the space. We've all read the headlines about $150mm being raised in 30s. We'll discuss the ins and outs of what this means and how the projects are structured.


Business Adoption

One of the key metrics that blockchain technology will be judged on, is the number of companies and project actually implementing it into their operations and processes. This session will cover what types of companies are implementing as well as the speed of adoption and how that looks on a market to market basis.